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excellence in process heating™

IR Thermal Systems offers tailored heating solutions for any application.
Find out how our engineers can help you overcome your process heating challenges.


Hot Air Systems

Our innovative flotation and impingement hot air dryer systems are engineered to exceed your requirements for speed, efficiency, and versatility.

IR Systems & Heaters

Our Infrared Heaters and ovens along with closed loop control systems allow for exact temperature control, so that you can produce high quality product.

IR/Hot Air Systems

Our triple threat approach to heat transfer allows us to offer you the perfect balance of IR, Hot Air, and Impingement drying, all integrated into highly efficient systems, allowing you to reach maximum productivity.


Our Infrared heaters are engineered to rapidly raise the temperature of your product prior to entry into the main dryer, thereby quickly boosting your production rate on your new or existing line.


Whether you want to remove water or any other solvent from your product, we employ a variety of process heating technologies to best suit your drying needs.


Our hot air oven and heaters are designed to provide easily maintainable temperatures, for a longer and more stable curing process.

Research - Design - Manufacture - Install - Support

"To get the ideal heating results at the right cost, it’s important to choose the heating technology that’s best suited for your product and your process."

Process Heating Solutions since 1985