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Article: Process Heating Equipment Quality? It’s In The Proposal.

Process Heating Equipment Quality? It’s In The Proposal

Your company takes great pride in the quality of its products. So when it’s time to purchase new process heating equipment for a new product or a new process, naturally you’re seeking out a vendor that places the same high value on quality. Especially when you’re considering a new supplier, how can you be sure that you’ll get equipment that performs reliably and will continue to meet your needs over time?

Quality standards can slip

Even when you’re working with a familiar vendor, it’s not a sure thing. A company’s quality standards can change for lots of reasons: new ownership, change of key leadership, or financial concerns. You may even experience quality issues because the vendor was very busy and cut corners to meet the deadline.

Here’s one clue that can tell you a great deal about a vendor’s attention to detail and quality standards: the quality of their proposal. When you send out requests for proposals, the responses you get can vary widely, not only in the designs and the prices, but in the level of detail and the quality of the information included.

How to spot quality in a proposal

Is the company offering a one-size-fits all design, or a system specifically designed for your company’s requirements and your application? A customized solution is much more likely to be the best fit all around since it’s created with your needs and ONLY your needs in mind. And it shows a level of commitment to build a piece of equipment that’s really the best solution for the long term.

In addition to a custom design, look for a supplier that demonstrates thoughtful and careful preparation in generating proposals. Does the proposal spell out the size of the system, include connected load requirements for all utilities (so you can estimate the installation cost), and provide estimated consumption requirements (so you can figure out the running cost). The design details should be thoroughly explained, along with the rationale for the decisions about various aspects of proposed equipment design and process recommendations.

It’s also a good sign when a vendor includes information about post-sale service in the proposal; then you can be confident that they are committed to supporting you and standing behind their equipment.

Let the vetting process work for you

The vetting process can be like detective work; you need to seek out every piece of information that can help you come to the right conclusion. Those proposals can tell you a great deal when you take the time to scrutinize what’s there and what’s not there. The vendor that provides a design proven by extensive testing, as well as the detailed information you need to figure out long term costs, is one that you can count on to provide the quality process heating equipment you need.